“Possessions, outward success, publicity, luxury - to me these have always been contemptible. I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best for both the body and the mind.”
Albert Einstein

Thursday 3 April 2014

Notice the Distractions

As I write this blog I have literally a handful of things going on. I am looking up how I can volunteer for my local council, I'm reading a magazine, texting a friend, listening to music, checking instagram while adding things to my shopping list. I actually haven't finished one thing I was meant to do tonight up until this point of realization as I write this blog.

How distracted do you get? I get distracted heaps! "Holly is a great student but is distracted easily" was on majority of my report cards at school. 

Social media is a massive distraction, especially for the younger generation. At work if I am waiting for something to load or print I opt to check my instagram. What am I even looking for? nothing really but I still do it. So this week I have been trying to notice when I am distracted, what is actually distracting me and why in order to try and curb that distraction for the better.

Answer me this... How many times a day do you get distracted from the task at hand? Once? twice? five times? sixty times a day? add all of those wasted minutes up how long would you have? A fair while for some. Yesterday I took a tally of how many times I looked at social media, junk emails, texts and googled random things. My tally came to 25 times I was distracted and I'm just making a rough guess here but it would be about an hour worth of wasted time! That could of been a work out or a cup of coffee with a friend.

Some reasons why we get distracted:-

Ignoring the task at hand
Escaping for a short moment
We have a constant need to be achieving something or multitasking
We have an addiction to online activities (shopping, gaming, Facebook)
We like to know what other people are doing or
We may want flood our minds with information

The more I notice that I am distracted and the more I am mindful of it the more I realize how its affecting me. I feel that its harder to get back to the task at hand, my brain is fuller, my list of things to do is bigger, I'm more stressed and then down the track these feelings often result in being distracted once again and finding a way to escape.

Ways to get past distractions:-

Enjoy each and every task you do, once completed give yourself a self five (a high five but only you are involved)
Take each task on completely and ignore all distractions no matter how awesome they are
Make sure you take breaks to eat or recharge (this can include catching up on emails and social networks)
Turn devices off if you can or
Deactivate email alerts or messages notifications

I have started to notice that my days go quicker, I'm less stressed, I leave work on time each day and I enjoy whatever I'm doing much more.

Remember that if you do turn any phones or email notifications off you can always let your family members of work colleagues what is the best way to contact you if it is urgent.

I would love to know of any other ideas you may have to curb distraction and if you like do a tally of how many times you are distracted. I would like to know your feedback via by page.

Stay Simple.

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  1. Great tips! When I was doing a big autumn-clean this last week (Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, so I think it counts!) I noticed that it was easy to get started on different jobs like hanging out washing or ironing or baking, but there was always a distraction to stop me finishing it.

    Having read this, I really tried to focus on seeing everything through and I think I ended up getting more done this way.

    I deactivated my Facebook three weeks ago and find myself picking up my phone randomly, and just staring at the screen for a second until I realise what I am doing, so I can't even imagine how much that instant availability has impacted my brain!