“Possessions, outward success, publicity, luxury - to me these have always been contemptible. I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best for both the body and the mind.”
Albert Einstein

Monday 16 December 2013

Click to unsubscribe

When I check my emails each morning there is always something interesting to look at! 
2 for 1 hot air balloon rides, Egyptian cotton towels on sale, robot vacuums for the price of normal vacuums, signing petitions to save our broadband internet, what Miley Cyrus did on the weekend, cute pictures of kittens, petitions to save our kittens from hot air ballon rides! Before I know it it's 9.30am and I need to get some work done.... and drink more coffee.

Now I do love the idea of online mail, online catalogues and online shopping for its obvious tree saving reasons however the amount of pages and sites I subscribe to in one year is amazing and a waste of my time. Each year I try and make it a New Years ritual to unsubscribe to all the email junk I receive. I guess this year it's more important. 

As I said in my 'No Junk Mail' entry you do not need encouragement to purchase more things that you don't need just because it's a good deal. 

Time is also one of the most valuable things in life, we are always striving to beat a deadline to get more things done to get more things out of life and we always need more of this fundamental thing....... Time. So why waste it on things you don't need and people that don't matter. Not to mention I have found the mornings have been my most productive hours of the day, I'm full of breakfast and coffee and nothing crap has happened yet!

So I took the time to unsubscribe, to everything, yep everything. 

Emails is not the only place this accumulation of junk occurs, places like Instagram and Facebook are culprits too. I un-followed every fashion and shopping page on Instagram so I'm not tempted to buy anything. In replacement I started finding second hand sellers and vintage fashion pages, also things that make me happy like food and music and my favourite minimalist bloggers hehe 

Now I want to make this clear I'm not asking you to unsubscribe to this blog, or everything that pops into your inbox, just be mindful of what you have subscribed to and keep it important and...

Stay simple

Monday 9 December 2013

Its starting to feel a lot like Christmas

When I was younger the family plastic Christmas tree would go up without fail on the last night of November, I was always itching to get it out and put it up. Back then we had the same tree for much longer than I was alive. Now days it's much different. More and more faux trees are produced each year some getting cheaper and cheaper some getting bigger and more ridiculous.  

When I cleaned my garage out at the start of this year I chucked my very plastic and very disposable white Christmas tree. I figured I would just buy a new one. I thought maybe I could get a black on this coming year. I know, how realistic is that! 

More recently I have become more and more aware about landfill and where a lot of our products come from. Chances are most of the faux trees out there are from China or Indonesia. So much labour, space, poor paid man hours and chemicals are used to create these plastic lifeless trees with their massive carbon footprint. 

So this year I went for a more Eco friendly option. I bought my own little living Christmas tree. Now mind you it doesn't look like much, and a large gust of wind could blow it over but there are so many good points.  

I can use it every year, it's in a pot - providing I keep it alive.  
It grows into a bigger and better tree each year.  
It increases oxygen in your home.  
It makes you feel good inside.  
You can even name it if you want to.  

Not only are faux trees a concern but the decorations are as well. I decided to DIY some decorations this year. I also had to keep in mind that my little bundle of joys branches were not very strong at all yet. I just went with some simple red bows made from ribbon with metal loops I found at a craft store and some left over tinsel from last year. 

Looking at my tree now it does look a bit different but I'm happy with it. At the end of the day it Christmas is not about the tree with the presents sitting underneath. For me Christmas is about friends and family... and time off work.


Tis the season

Monday 2 December 2013

Back to basics

When I set myself the challenge to not buy anything new for a year I must admit I did freak out a bit. I started to make lists of everything I need to buy before Jan 1. I had to think about what events I have coming up and also what I will do when winter hits. I felt like I had to go buy everything. But that really defeats the purpose so I had to be strategic about it.

I bought 3 pairs of good quality jeans. I would never usually spend upwards of $50 jeans (mainly because I'm not a jeans person) but I figured I need to buy something that is going to last. Along with the jeans I bought some comfortable denim shorts and a fair few basic tops. I went to styles and colours that will not go out of fashion and things that I can dress up and down with my other items of clothing. Check out my small stock pile. I'm Pretty happy with it. I had to include some longer sleeved tops to wear in winter too.

Now every girl has to enjoy a spot of shopping but long and tiresome process was it for me! I'm actually looking forward to not going to the shops for a long time. Less hustle and bustle, less rude sales staff and less spending.

Now let's just hope that those bell bottom jeans from the 70s don't come back in fashion - because that would be a disaster in itself! Hehe

Stay simple