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Albert Einstein

Sunday 9 March 2014

Love outdoors and adventures? Try Geocaching!

Last week whilst searching the net for the location of an apparent haunted railroad tunnel (weird  I know) I stumbled across a new hobby. Geocaching! You may or may not have heard of it. Its very similar to orienteering and is a real life treasure hunt with more than 6 million people playing along and more than 2 million hidden treasures.

Its hard for me not to get over excited telling you and type this in capital letters but this is the coolest thing since sliced bread, ok..... and a tad geeky.

First of all you get the App on your smart phone - search geocaching. There is a free one and one that is a premium service and costs about $10. Once you have created an account name your off! Your smart device will use its GPS to locate you and show where you are in the world, it will then show you any hidden treasure that is nearby. Now when I say hidden treasure what you are looking for is a "geocache" which is a container containing a log book for you to sign to show that you have found the location. Now it sounds easy but let me assure you there are people out there that take this very seriously! There are anything from large buckets with "trade items" to tiny little "nano-caches" that can be hidden extremely well, I found one the other day that was a fake bolt underneath a park bench attached by a magnet!

Once you have navigated yourself to the location there are also hints available and photos if you are really stuck. If you are super clever there are certain caches that have riddles and questions that need to be answered that uncover the coordinates to the next cache. 

Here is one I have found.

The best things about this hobby is that its free, your outdoors locating some awesome places and its really fun finding the caches. It was originally designed to take people to great travel destinations. See where you end up!

If you want to learn more check out the videos on the Geocaching website.

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Stay simple.

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