“Possessions, outward success, publicity, luxury - to me these have always been contemptible. I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best for both the body and the mind.”
Albert Einstein

Wednesday 5 March 2014


This week I took myself along to a meditation class and I have to say it was not as easy and relaxing as everyone makes it out to be. I was thinking I would be taken off to a magical land inside my mind that would look like the clouds and I would feel a million dollars after. Although I am assured that this can happen it does take time as I have now discovered. 

Day to day life gets us all down at some point or another. Our energy levels drop and the daily grind can really take it's toll, both physically and emotionally. You may not even know you are stressed or anxious until a point where it may effect your health in a certain way. Think headaches, back pain and even being a grouch.

Now I believe that everyone's experience is different when meditating, as the purpose is to focus on ones feelings and step away from the constant doing and movement of life. Firstly we had a quick chat about why people meditate and how it helps to simplify ones life, then we got comfy and shut our eyes and examined how we felt at that particular point in time, almost scanning our body for strain or any other feelings we may have. We  then practiced breathing and really taking notice of the breath, this was hard for me, I never realised how little breath I have. I felt like my breathing and lung capacity improved by the end of the session. We also attempted to meditate while not moving for a period of time, now this sounds easy but not moving an inch is hard, especially when you are noticing how your body is feeling and thoughts that are distracting your breathing. Once time was up I did feel very calm and I was not in a great rush to make that first move, which is a good sign I hear.

Despite how challenging meditating was for me, I can really see the benifits, it's that escape that ones mind needs, almost like a reset button or a 1Up in super Mario cart.

Let's just say I will be heading back to this class and letting you all know how I go.

Check my instructors page out if you like Try Try Less Be More.

Stay simple.

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